Uplift Herbal Tea Blend


Soothe stress, get focused, calm anxiety and boost your mood with this powerful yet gentle organic herbal tea blend, homemade by Mary Julia Walker for The New School Kitchen. FREE shipping.

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This uplifting tea was formulated with your mindset and mood in mind! Shifts stress, nervousness, anxiety, inability to focus, and negative feelings. Ushers in calmness, ease, presence, concentration and a good mood!

Since the beginning of time, human beings have partnered with plants as allies in the health journey. It’s time to call upon our friends again to gently remind our bodies what it’s like to function at their best!

Simply put 2 tablespoons in a mason jar, cover with almost-boiling water, cover with a lid or small plate, let steep overnight, strain in the morning. Sip all day as a cool tea or warm and add some honey for some seriously soothing medicine.

Contains organic lemon balm, lemon verbena and lemongrass. Makes enough for 2 weeks (1 month if you reuse herbs) of herbal teas / infusions.

Build up your system, nourish yourself! Let the power of plants support you on your Real Food, healthy body / mind journey.


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