Real Food Herbal Consultation + Custom Herbs


Connect with Real Food Herbalist Mary Julia Walker and up your health game with herbs!

Get clear on how to best bring these plant allies into your daily routine and feel the profound difference they can make with your healing.

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Nourishing herbal infusions feed our bodies dense nutrients, help to reduce cravings for less healthy beverages and foods, and actively bring our bodies into balance so that we can heal.

>> What you get:

Herbal Consultation: 30 minutes on the phone with a Board Certified Health Coach and Real Food Herbalist. Walk away from the call with a few quick and easy ideas for boosting your health using food as medicine and clarity on how to use your herbs.

Herbal Infusion: After the call, you’ll receive a 1-month supply of an organic blend, created by Mary Julia for you, shipped to your door. This daily herbal infusion will support you and the health goals you outlined on your call. All herbs in the blend are safe enough to eat and ingest everyday. Clear instructions for use will be provided by follow up email.

Since the beginning of time, human beings have partnered with plants as allies in the health journey.

Why herbal infusions?
1. Herbal infusions are rich in vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.
2. The phytochemicals and antioxidants in herbs boost immunity, support optimal cellular function, and support your body in gently eliminating toxins.
3. Herbal infusions directly address health concerns and remind your body of what it feels like to function well and in a balanced way.

It’s time to call upon our friends again to gently remind our bodies what it’s like to function at their best!


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