Heal Your Gut Masterclass


Perfect for anyone with autoimmunity, leaky gut, food allergies, and / or digestive distress, this class breaks down exactly what you need to be eating, what supplements you need to be taking, and what lifestyle changes need to be in place to experience the most thorough gut healing. You can feel good again, one step at a time! Scroll down to read more. This class is FREE for NSK Members.



You receive instant access to:
> A 90-minute online Masterclass to slides outlining my 4R formula for Healing the Gut
> An accompanying 4R worksheet that lays it all out
> A list of websites and resources I like
> The slides from the presentation for reference
> An ebook with over 30 of my best recipes for Gut Healing
> A Bone Broth making video + cheat sheet


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