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I educate, entertain, and inspire!

My mission:

To help busy people cook Real food in less time so they can heal their bodies and love themselves.

I see a world where individuals take responsibility for their nourishment, and learn how to consistently cook the food that feeds their body best.

Learning to heal with food often means learning to live a more intentional life.

Let me help your community do just that!

Available for:

  • On-site demonstrations
  • Keynote speeches
  • Private events
  • Corporate programs
  • Interviews and consulting

Ryanna Battiste, NBC-HWC

Founder, Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach

Ryanna is at the front of The New School Kitchen stage, offering inspiration as entertainment in her videos and through her coaching. She has found her purpose working with people who struggle to find what makes them feel awesome in their bodies, because it reflects her own deeply personal journey.

She is a mom to two amazing boys who are her greatest teachers and is married to a man who is her secret weapon for success. Ry believes unequivocally in the power of food to heal not just physical ailments, but emotional and spiritual ones as well. She practices yoga when she can, wishes she were more of a gardener, has a deep and abiding love for maple syrup, and skims cookbooks and self-help books in bed every night.

On-site Demonstrations & Trade Shows

  • Liquid Nourishment: Smoothies, Juices, Milks, Broths, Infusions
  • Skillet Creations & One-pot Meals
  • Simple Snacks & Sweet Treats
  • Make Vegetables the Rockstar!

Keynote Speeches & Inspirational Talks

  • Transform Your Food-Stuff in 5 Simple Steps
  • What it Takes to Truly Heal Your Body
  • Change Your Mindset, Change your Food Habits

Corporate Programs

  • Exclusive Video Content
  • Health Coaching Programs & Team Challenges
  • Seasonal Recipes & Menu Plans
  • Customized Lunch & Learn Sessions & Demos


  • Book me to be a guest on your podcast / show.

I Also Work With:

  • Integrative Practitioners / Naturopaths / Functional Medicine Doctors
  • Holistic Therapists & Mental Health Professionals
  • Health Coaches
  • Massage Therapists / Acupuncturist / Chiropractors
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms / Trainers
  • Spas

Past Bookings:

  • Grocery store / market / co-op on-site cooking demos
  • Corporate wellness programs: North Carolina Specialty Hospital, Live Oak Bank, Wave Transit
  • Private cooking lessons / parties
  • Restaurant consulting and menu plan development for Fitness and Food establishments

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Something else in mind?

If you have any questions, you can always send them to me at [email protected]. I will be more happy to provide you with more information.

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