You can eat healing REAL FOOD without breaking your back or the bank using The New School Kitchen App! 

What If I handed you the 

ultimate Resource

to help you cook more super-yummy nutrient-dense meals that work in your body so you can SUPERCHARGE your life and
awaken the most
 VIBRANT version of yourself? 



And because I’m totally invested in your success…

What if I also introduced you to a supportive community of like-minded folks to make creating healthy habits more fun & engaging?

Would you be ready to take charge of your nutrition & your life?

Would you be ready to say goodbye to all those crap-tastic days / weeks / years of depression, anxiety, inflammation, stomach aches, and bad sleep?

Would you be ready to embrace a more free, energetic, healthy, happy, and EMPOWERED new you?

What Is The New School Kitchen?


“Ugh! Not another diet!”
– You, probably.


The New School Kitchen is Something Entirely Different 
(thank goodness!)


It’s NOT a diet.

It’s NOT another task to pile onto your hectic schedule.

It’s NOT a “one size fits all” block of useless BS!


IT IS a SHORTCUT TO YOUR BEST LIFE that you didn’t know existed.

I’m not going to lie… 

When you see how effortless and fun my methods and recipes are, you MAY feel a teensy-weensy bit guilty… 

After all, isn’t eating healthy supposed to be miserable?!

Not at all!

Giving your body the nutrients it needs by eating REAL FOOD will give you more energy to do the things that YOU LOVE TO DO!

Because despite life’s obstacles and obligations that may at times make you feel like you’ve lost control, The New School Kitchen is about empowering YOU.


I’m talking hacks, tips, videos, buying guides, and recipes galore so your kitchen and food-game are on-point, and your body can soak up all the nourishment!

And it’s not just about the food. You’ll also learn about drinks (I call them liquid gold!) you can whip up for deep nourishment without a lot of effort.

Ryanna and NSK gave me the support, education, and inspiration to finally get my life going in the right direction. I’m so glad that I have the New School Kitchen in my life!


Ryanna and The NSK has been so instrumental in my transformation. I have learned to listen to my body and turn the page to a new healthier me! I have lost 55 lbs, reduced inches of inflammation, resolved decades of pain & fatigue, and learned new ways of cooking nutrient-dense healthy foods I actually want to eat! The knowledge, support and encouragement of this community is priceless. I love my NSK family!


New School Kitchen has definitely brought new school nutrition to my body! I now enjoy cooking because I do not have to follow a recipe any more. This is HUGE.”


This is for you if

  • You’ve got a big heart, taking care of your kids, parents, spouse, students… But you feel drained when it comes to caring for yourself and like there’s never enough time in the day to make the changes you want to make. 
  • You feel insecure or uncomfortable in your body and frustrated with your lack of “self control” around food, one minute off the wagon, and one minute back on again.  
  • You’ve gotten used to inflammation, depression, anxiety, and other problems that you just consider to be “normal” at this point, and you feel like it’s impossible to cut through all of the overwhelm and eat to heal. 
  • You’ve tried every diet under the sun and they usually last only a few weeks. Or days.
  • You’re ready to ditch the diet-dogma and eat more intuitively. You’re ready for the food-chaos to stop!

I want you to understand something important….

It’s Not Your Fault You’ve Struggled to Succeed

It just means you haven’t been taught cooking methods that ACTUALLY work to make you happy, healthy, and capable of reaching your full potential… yet! 

Great news: you’re in exactly the right place to learn them now. 

You just have to be ready to open your mind, take action, and commit to your health & happiness.

Who the Heck Am I?

 Totally fair question. Here’s my street cred:

MY EXPERIENCE:  I have had 41 years on the planet searching for solutions to heal my born-broken body. In that search, I have discovered the power of nourishment to lead me on a path back to myself. To help me understand that I have the cure to what ails me.

MY METHODS: While I have always liked cooking, I’ve never liked planning, spending tons of time in the kitchen, following complex recipes, cleaning up, or dealing with complaints about the food. Because of this, I have developed methods that have freed me from recipes and overly-complicated eating protocols (yay!). 


I’ve studied Health Behavior Change and Habit Formation at Duke Integrative Medicine and have logged over 500+ hours coaching and teaching in the last seven years. I reeeeeally like helping women make changes in their daily routines to incorporate self-nourishment – because those little shifts almost always add up to big results.


As a result of all this, I have a burning desire to help you realize your path to freedom with food and cooking. 

It’s Time to Do This for YOU!

Access this handy-dandy app right from your smartphone or your desktop for —

  • MENU PLANS: Get new gluten-free, vegetable-forward, guaranteed-yummy menu plans (with grocery lists!) every Friday. Sure to please vegans and omnivores both!

  • COOKING METHOD MASTERCLASSES: Learn cooking methods to improvise meals without a recipe. Each lesson includes an instructional video, a 1-page visual reference guide, and a resource list with links for materials.

  • PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE PODCAST EPISODES: Enjoy just-for-you podcasts every month with some straight-to-the-heart coaching and straight-to-the-kitchen advice! Listen inside the app or on your podcast app of choice.

  • ANSWERS AND ADVICE: Submit your burning questions and get direct, no-nonsense answers from me.

  • MONTHLY SURPRISE BONUSES: Each month a new bonus is released! Masterclass, Recipe eBook, PDF Cheat Sheet, Group Health Coaching session, or a guest Podcast Interview!  


A SERIOUSLY AWESOME COMMUNITY in a positive and encouraging space filled with others who are right there with you every step of the way! An “instagram-like” social feed without the bad pics of someone elses kids. Just food inspo for you! 

SPECIAL CONTENT JUST FOR KIDS to give them the Real Food advantage! Videos and recipes explicitly made with kids in mind. (Probiotic popsicles are an especially big hit in summer! Shhhh!)

And Because We’re Lovers Here, Not Fighters 

(except for when we’re like,*fighters*)

You’ll be making a difference when you join! 

$1 per month from your membership also goes directly to the Taste & See Food Truck, which feeds REAL FOOD to the hungry and homeless in Aiken, South Carolina for ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY WHATSOEVER!  

I know in my heart that the secret to becoming our best selves and being able to take on the whole freaking world – starts in the kitchen.  

Being deeply nourished helps us develop a self-love mindset, which is a necessary first step to loving others. 

Let’s Do This! Join The New School Kitchen now for only $14.99 a month! 

No catches. No hidden agendas. 

Just the positive change that you need RIGHT NOW!

And to prove how serious I am about this, the app comes with a 7-day trial period, and you can cancel at any time.

(even though I know you’re gonna LOVE IT!!)

Are you ready to grow, heal, and take control of your food-life?

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