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Hey lady!

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Love Notes

In my attempts to be "healthy" I was depriving myself of essential nutrients and ending up hungrier throughout the day. It was torture! Now, after following Rye's eating methods, I don’t crave the sugary snacks all day, I don’t need an afternoon Starbucks run, and I run like a well-oiled machine!

- Kat

Working with Ryanna has helped me to love who I am from the inside out! I used to walk around with uncertainty, my head down, shoulders slumped, and completely hating my body. After working with Rye, I have tools to help me stand tall and open my heart so that I am living in the present and actually seeing the world. I've even started smiling at myself in the mirror!

- Vanessa

Ryanna's thoughtful and nonjudgmental approach in linking food with life has helped me make better choices to add Real Food into my real (busy) life. Even the smallest changes have yielded big non-scale victories and have me seeing a clear path ahead to personal transformation through food.

- Kara

Rye has helped me change much more than just my eating habits. Through this work I have noticed and shifted my self-defeating thoughts and negative self-talk. In the time that I have worked with her, I have been able to completely change the way I view food and how it nourishes my body. I've lost weight, become a happier person and put my autoimmune disease into remission. My experience with her has been totally life changing!

- Jennifer

Ryanna has shown me that putting forth the work of loving myself through good food is the best gift I can give to my family, friends, and most importantly, myself. I am so thankful that I have been able to walk beside her on my journey in this world. Her gentle guidance, compassion, intuition, and knowledge has truly blessed me.

- Sara

Hi, I'm Rye!

I don't eat perfectly all the time, I'm not super-skinny, and sometimes I really don't want to cook dinner.

I'm a woman who has come to believe that the more intention I put into the process of stepping into and owning my time in the kitchen making food that nourishes me, 

the more I have healed
the more I have grown
the more I have truly inhabited my body and life.

And I believe that same thing can happen for you!


This is just a sampling of the tasty deliciousness inside of the membership!
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So what exactly is The New School Kitchen?

It's an interactive video-based monthly membership designed to help you rock your cooking and eating without hating your family or life. 

Think of it like having a (slightly zany, but lovable) Health Coach and friend in your back pocket at all times throughout your Real Food journey.

Here's the thing; we all know we need to be eating better. The question is, why aren't we doing it?

Life is full. The kitchen is annoying. Meal planning never works out. Cooking isn't fun when you're tired. Grocery shopping is overwhelming. Eating healthy can feel boring. Getting the household on board seems impossible. Take-out is just more fun.

Here's my promise: it is possible to eat more deeply nourishing Real Foods day-in and day-out without sacrificing flavor, your bank account balance, or your sanity.

The New School, Kitchen was designed to help you do just that.

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